May 2024 Newsletter

9 Common Ways a Fire Can Start in Your Kitchen:

1. High Heat Source: Stoves and ovens left unattended can spark fires.

2. Cooking Oils: Overheated oils can ignite, worsened by water.

3. Unattended Cooking: Distractions lead to overheating food and cookware.

4. Flammable Objects: Everyday items like paper towels can quickly catch fire.

5. Grease Accumulation: Built-up grease is a fire hazard.

6. Distractions: Phone calls or doorbells can divert attention, leading to accidents.

7. Lack of Fire Safety Knowledge: Ignorance can escalate small flames into emergencies.

8. Improper Storage of Combustibles: Storing flammables in the kitchen raises risks.

9. Electrical Malfunctions: Faulty appliances are common fire causes.

Bottom line: Pay attention while cooking to avoid playing with fire. Without a proper fire safety plan, households are at risk.

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