Welcome to the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council's website. We want to be your trusted source for wildfire safety and preparedness in our community. As we navigate through the seasons, we understand the importance of staying vigilant and well-informed. With the recent wet winter, we must remain proactive as we anticipate the drying out of brush, which increases the potential for wildfires. The Council is dedicated to keeping Scripps Ranch and its residents safe by providing valuable resources, educational programs, and innovative solutions. Together, we can take the necessary steps to mitigate the risks and ensure our community is prepared for any wildfire event. Explore our website to access vital information, join our initiatives, and discover how you can actively contribute to the safety of our beloved neighborhood. Together, we can make a difference in protecting Scripps Ranch from the threat of wildfires.

We at Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council are working on several projects for the benefit of the community. One in particular, which will be so exciting once completed, is an app for our phones which will identify fires in our community and potentially direct you to the optimal evacuation routes.  This is a expensive endeavor which is specific to our Scripps Ranch Community.  We hope that once we develop the app we can share it with other Fire Safe Councils and communities.

We have received a couple of minor grants but need additional funding in order to complete the project.  If this is of interest to you, please feel free to make a donation of any amount!  Please contact us by clicking HERE. 


 Lots of exciting events for Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council!! - Kristin Rayder and Karen Herreros 

   (858) 201-3711 or srfiresafecouncil@gmail.com.

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