March 2023 Newsletter

Be prepared for wildfire and public safety power shutoff (PSPS)

Some thoughts for staying informed and being prepared during PSPS.

SDG&E continually monitors weather and other climate conditions to detect fire
conditions. As a last resort, they may have to shut off power if dangerous
conditions are present to help prevent a wildfire and keep you and your
community safe. This is known as Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). While
these events are more likely to occur in high-fire-risk area, all San Diegans could
be affected and should be prepared. SDG&E aims to send early notifications via
phone calls, text alerts, email and other means before turning off power.
Whatever the circumstances, SDG&E will make every effort to communicate with
you. In order to do so:

Update your contact information and/or sign up for outage notifications on or call 800-411-7342.

Do you or someone in your home have a disability, use a device for health, safety
or independence that requires electricity? Let SDG&E know.

Download the PSPS app, Alerts by SDG&E, a free tool that puts outage
information at your fingertips throughout a PSPS. Stay informed about power
restoration efforts and estimated time of restoration.
And as always, prepare an emergency kit. During an emergency, every second
counts. Careful planning can help keep you safe and reduce the stress of having
to scramble for what you need.
Plan ahead and stay safe.

Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council,, srfiresafe@org,
858-201-3711 DOWNLOAD “Scripps Ranch Firesafe 92131” In The App store or Google Play.