June 2022 Newsletter

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY….Learn the facts and protect your home and family by creating
defensible space. I know we have been talking about this on a regular basis, but IT’S A FACT.
There are simple things you can do to help protect your home from wildfires and in the past we
have given you some ideas as to how to do that. Here are some facts to support those ideas:
If there is a wildfire and my home is in danger, firefighters will do all they can to save it.
Firefighters and emergency professionals do all they can to stop wildfires, but they have to be
smart and they will look for homes and buildings that they are more likely to be able to protect.
Homes with defensible space are the homes that firefighters look for, because they are safer to
go near and easier to save.
It is against the law to remove trees and vegetation.
Laws about removing trees and shrubs are different across the state. Contact your local fire
station and ask what you can do and work with them to solve any problems.
It is expensive to create and keep a defensible space around my property.
It doesn’t have to be expensive to create and maintain defensible space. Removing dead trees,
plants and leaves and thinning shrubs and trees can be very affordable. You just need to look
around. It is also important to remove ladder fuels. Ladder fuels are low tree branches and
shrubs under trees that allow a fire to climb higher and spread faster.
It doesn’t matter what I do, wildfires will come and destroy all that is in their path.
It does matter. Making a clean, open space 100 feet around your home can help firefighters
save it and your family and pets.
Creating 100 feet of defensible space around my property will not allow me to have a nice yard.
Correctly done, your yard can look great and contribute to the health and variety of natural
FACT: These five steps will improve the chance that your home and family can be saved in a
wildfire. DO YOUR PART AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! You can contact us at 858-201-3711 or