April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 newsletter


I know we have covered a lot of these items previously. But here it is in one list, way easier to keep track of.

1) When it’s time to replace your roof, choose fire-resistant Class A roof material.

2) Block any spaces between your roof covering and sheathing (bird stops).

3) Install non-combustible, corrosion resistant metal raingutter covers.

4) Cover your chimney and stovepipe outlets with noncombustible corrosion-resistant metal mesh screen (spark arrestor)

5) Cover all vent openings with 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch noncombustible corrosion resistant metal mesh screens. Do not use fiberglass or plastic mesh as they can melt or burn.

6) Caulk and plug gaps greater than 1/16-inch around exposed rafters to prevent ember intrusion.

7) Caulk exterior siding dry rot, gaps, cracks or plug gaps greater than 1/16-inch in siding and replace any damaged boards.

8) Install weather stripping to gaps greater than 1/16-inch in garage doors to prevent ember intrusion. UL Standard 10C.

9) When it’s time to replace your windows, replace them with multi-paned windows at least one pane of tempered glass

10) When it’s time to replace your siding or deck, use approved compliant noncombustible materials.

Stay safe and alert. Visit srfiresafe.org, or email srfiresafecouncil@gmail.com