June 2021 Newsletter

If you look up the definition of fear, there are thousands of definitions. The best
way to dispel fear is to be prepared, do everything you can to be prepared for
whatever it is you fear. Here are 10 additional home preparedness tips to help
you be prepared for a disaster of any type:

– Know how & where to shut off utilities (gas, water, electricity)
– Prevent potential hazards (secure heavy items, latches on cabinet doors)
– Surround your home with defensible space & fire resistant
– Make your house fire resistant (roofs, walls, chimneys, deck, fences) and
remove excess flammable junk around the house.
– Inspect your home for evacuation routes and potential hazards
– Make a video/list of all possessions in your home with their make, model
numbers etc.
– Review your insurance coverage for adequate replacement costs
– Check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors monthly, replace batteries
– Keep a battery operated radio with extra batteries to stay informed
– Store your home’s disaster supply kit in an accessible location and take it
with you.

Plan ahead and stay safe. Srfiresafe.org, srfiresafecouncil@gmail.com