Help us clean up our wonderful community.
I hope this finds you all safe and sane. It’s a difficult time to get things done for
sure. However, that said, the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council has some projects in
the works. One we would like your help on. We are hoping in the next several
months to be able to get some areas in our community cleaned up. Meaning,
there are some areas you notice as you drive through our neighborhood that have
some serious fire hazards, most of them fairly small but it only takes a cigarette
butt to start a fire. Some just require some raking up of material, some require a
little more work. As you are driving through and looking around, make note of
areas that you think could use some clean up. Let us know where they are, we
will take a look and determine the best way to work on them. Some areas are city
property and the best we can do there is make the proper city authorities aware
of the issues. Some on private property, hopefully we can get some of those
areas cleaned up. In the meantime, practice safe measures yourself and clean up
around your house and yard as we have described in the past. We are also
working on trying to supply some additional emergency equipment for first
responders and working on a app to help get information out to the public in a
timely fashion in case of emergencies. Please email us at:

or leave us a message at 858-201-3711. Stay safe.