Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council Article..

This appeared in the April 2017 Scripps Ranch Community Association Newsletter:


After many years of drought, California is getting soaked with record breaking rainfall.  Subsequently, a series of storms that have dumped snow and rain in our county and Southern California have resulted in the wettest December in years and there is more on the horizon.  According to, the last two weeks of December were so wet the month finished with a total of 4.22 inches which is well above the 1.55 inches we normally see.  The upside to this is we needed the rain and depending on who you talk to, our drought is over and OH MY GOSH, everything is so plush, green and beautiful.  The down side to that is when it stops raining and all of this vegetation begins to dry up and die.  Now we are back to an even bigger fire hazard.  We have talked in the past about defensible space.  This will be more important than ever in the near future when things begin to dry up.  Eafh year, wildfires destroy thousands of homes and possessions.  By taking necessary action, losses can be minimized if homeowners take the time to become aware of safety measures.  May 6, 2017 has been declared National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day by the National Fire Protection Association.  JOIN US at our Fire Station 37 on Spring Canyon Rd to tour the station, service your fire extinguishers, get information on smoke alarms and more.   Look for more information in the May newsletter as well as information on our Meet and Greet day May 20th at the library and our Oct. 21 golf tournament.  Find us on facebook, website at, email or phone 858-201-3711.