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SDGE was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission back in October to underground a high voltage electric transmission line from Stonebridge Estates to I-15 via Stonebridge Parkway and Pomerado Road.  The construction work is to begin Monday, June 26th at 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.  The construction may take up to 18 months to complete.
The first construction work is to install a large underground vault about midway between UCSD Shake Table driveway and Willow Creek/Avenue of Nations intersection.  There are 10 underground vaults planned for Pomerado Road.  The city approved a traffic control plan that uses “flagmen” to stop traffic in both directions.  One direction of travel will be allowed to go while cars in the opposite direction wait until those cars clear before given permission to go. It is then repeated over and over.  The Scripps Ranch Civic Association advocated an alternative traffic control plan which SDGE’s contractor initially rejected. SDGE is now re-evaluating that alternative traffic control detour plan in the event that there are significant number of complaints about the “flagmen” traffic control backing up traffic.  City engineering staff says that if the traffic congestion backs up to the I-15 it is an immediate safety hazard and will suspend construction until a different traffic control plan can be put into place.
If you travel Pomerado Road between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm and traffic is backed up, please email the SRCA at and the Mayor’s Office at
We are actively monitoring every response in order to provide the city information about real time traffic impacts to the community. We need to hear from you.
Sycamore to Penasquitos 230kV Transmission Line Project
Here is a link to the California Public Utilities Commission about the project:
It is the mission of the SRCA to not only to provide you information about projects being proposed in SR but also to provide your concerns to decision makers.   We are likely the only town council  in the County of San Diego that sends emails like this to residents.
For more info reply to this email or send comments or to be added to a special distribution list for future emails about this project then email us at
Bob Ilko, SRCA President
Bob Ilko, President